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Thanksgiving: What We’re Thankful For

IMG_4560Celebrating holidays is an essential part of experiencing a new culture.  This week most NWCCI students will celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time.  Thanksgiving has traditionally been a time to celebrate the fall harvest and is commonly commemorated with a large meal that includes dishes like turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  Family and friends gather together to reflect on the best things in their lives and the things that they are thankful for.  Below current NWCCI students and staff share things they are thankful for this holiday season.

“I am thankful for life, good health, and family, the opportunity to study in the USA, a new family and friends in the USA, Japanese friends, my plan to backpack over winter break, my roommate “Kouadio” – Danis Sriwijaya, Indonesia

“I am thankful to Almighty Allah for this wonderful life, for getting the chance to participate in NWCCI, my parents, my fiance Murad, NWCCI family, and an awesome friendship family (Paul and Linda).” – Lutfun Naher, Bangladesh

“I am thankful for this life that Almighty God has given me filled of blessings and love. I’m ever so grateful for all the wonderful people around me that he has blessed me with ; my family, my friends, my loved ones, my NWCCI Family, my Friendship family (Carol and Dale)!!! God Bless Them All! Aameen! I’m also thankful for every new day I see, all the new experiences that I’m experiencing, celebrating the world’s diversity with people from all around the world and getting to create  lifelong relationships with wonderful people.” –Amreen Mushtaq, India

“I am thankful for the past two years of joy and good moments in my life. I am thankful for being here with my new friends.” – Ignacio Soriano, Dominican Republic

“I am thankful that we get to wake up every morning in the USA and see such wonderful nature. I’m thankful that I got a chance to meet such wonderful people who are now part of my family. I’m thankful that I have such an amazing advisor who plans such great things for us to do. I’m thankful for the outlet to express myself and  for the fact that i’ts so easy to keep in touch with my family and friends now. Thank you God.” – Claudia Du Plessis, South Africa

“I am thankful for my God and my family and for everything in my life.” – Rosemond Djan, Ghana

“I am thankful for my God for everything in my life. I am thankful for my God to be here in the US, gain new experiences, make new friends from all over the world. I am thankful for my God for my health, family, and friends. I am thankful for our respectable, professional, and amazing coordinators, Amanda, Charlotte, and Kim”. I am thankful for my wonderful friendship family Stacey and Eliot. I am thankful for my God for every moment in my life.” – Mohamed Zin, Egypt

“Everything, be it good or bad is a life experience worth having, more especially the priceless moments and experiences I go through everyday. From classes, NWCCI, friends, friendship, families, the love we show to each other, evidently during our birthdays and just about all the priceless moments we share as the NWCCI family.” – Tshepo Mboni, South Africa

“I am thankful for the good health of my family, newly made friends, a wonderful friendship family Jim & Lucy, a chance to further my studies and the chance to share a piece of my life with all the NWCCI Edmonds community.” – Kaloosya Wa Musau, Kenya

“I am thankful that I can meet amazing friends from many countries, especially NWCCI students at Edmonds. That I can know Rosemond from Ghana who is good at cooking, Nabila from Pakistan who likes to dance, Kaloosya from Kenya who is outgoing and likes to play soccer, Yannick from Cote d’Ivoire who teaches me French, Tshepo from South Africa who is good in leadership and public speaking, Jorge from Panama who is interesting and likes to dance, Ana from Brazil who likes to sing and dance, Amreen from India who is creative and nice, Lutfun from Bangladesh who likes to cook, Mohamed from Egypt who likes to go to the library to study, Hafeez from Pakistan who came last in our program, Ignacio from Dominican Republic who is very talkative, Raj from India who likes to talk with people, Claudia from South Africa who likes to take pictures, Danis from Indonesia who is really lose weight now, and Kim, our advisor, who is very patient, well-organized, and does a lot for us. I am thankful for every moment that I have here. I am thankful for Charlotte and Amanda who also do a lot of things for us. I am thankful to God for everything.” – Fransiska Palmasari, Indonesia

“I am thankful to everybody and secondly thankful to the US State Department for conducting this program.” –Hafeez Rehman, Pakistan

” I am thankful for good health, a loving family and dog, fireplaces and candles, meaningful conversations, sunshine, a great job, amazing students, and Google calendar.” – Kim Kraft, NWCCI

“I am thankful to the Almighty for everything, thankful for my friends that are always so nice and loving and thankful for all the unlimited blessing. Last but not least thanks to America.” – Nabila Ghias, Pakistan

“I am thankful for being here, my family, friends and potential friends, my unique personality, Partying in Capitol Hill everytime I can, opportunities that will come.” – Jorge Bermudez, Panama

“I am thankful to God for all the new people I met here in the US, for all the new experiences, for a new church, and excellent colleges and the management.” – Raju Pulivandlas, India

“I am thankful for the new people I have met, the NWCCI team, the education at Edmonds CC, the US society, the variety of food, speaking English.” – Yannick Assouman, Cote d’Ivoire

“I am thankful for the opportunity to learn about the world through my students, and to see my country through their eyes. I am thankful for my creative colleagues, dedicated friendship families, and supportive family. I am thankful to live in such a beautiful and inspiring place.” – Iris Anthony, NWCCI

“I am thankful for a job that I truly love, good friends, the health of my family, amazing students, (present and past!), and the little things of life that make the day great like a good laugh, a good song and a good cup of coffee. “ -Bebhinn Horrigan, NWCCI

“I am thankful for my host family and my friendship family for all the support! I really enjoy spending time with them!” -Amanda Shimizu, Brazil

“I am thankful for every single day I walk in America.” -Grace Kalumata, Indonesia

“I am thankful to that most great God for this most wonderful life and most amazing experiences.” -Ameer Salman Ottamaliyekkal, India

“I am thankful for my life, thankful to be blessed by God, thankful for my family for my friends and last but not least I am thankful to be in America with amazing people studying what I like.” -Marie-Claude Assamoi Yobou, Ivory Coast

“I am thankful for this amazing opportunity (coming to America). Thankful for an amazing advisor and amazing friends I have made here who make everyday such good fun.” -Huzefa Chikani, India

“I am thankful for my two awesome sisters, my loving best friends, and the opportunity I got to come to America!” -Rara Yulianingtyas, Indonesia

“I am thankful for having wonderful and caring advisor.” -Leon Milcham, South Africa

“I am super thankful for opportunity to live and study in U.S and experience the whole new different education system in a very different culture environment with a super interesting weather. Meeting wonderful peoples and making new great friends from different parts of the world is unforgettable and irreplaceable.” -Gunawan Setiadi, Indonesia

“I am thankful for getting the opportunity to study and survive a wonderful ever life in the United States of America and spending unforgettable time with American People, teachers, and advisors.” -Salima Bano, Pakistan

“I’m thankful for wonderful students, engaged colleagues, Norwegian Forest Cats, red dogs, and Swedish pastries.” -Charlotte West, NWCCI

“I am thankful to the Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs for having a great opportunity to study and experience American culture for a one year in United States. I’m learning a lot of things here. Some in relation to my career, and some which can be through studies. I am very happy with all the friendships have built here in United States, which I’m sure will last for a very long time”. -Fahmeeda, Pakistan

“I am very thankful for the unique opportunity to meet people all over the world in this program. Also, I am very thankful to be able to create my own projects here, in America, and be able to apply them in my country in a near future.”  -Paulo Victor Panazzolo, Brazil

“I am thankful for being able to serve many people. There is nothing quite like coming across something that inspiring my life to be a better person.” -Izza Asshofi, Indonesia

“I am thankful for a job that lets me learn new things about people and the world every day, for good books, the abundance of sushi in Washington, and my family.” -Amanda Fletcher, NWCCI

“I am thankful for my CCI friends and the opportunity to study at WCC.” -Isty Suminar, Indonesia

“Talking about my stay here in America it is full of things for which I can be thankful but the most important one is my friendship family, because they love me like my own family and never let me feel that I am alone and far from home.” -Sana Naz, Pakistan

”I am thankful for the life that I am living through God’s love, guidance and protection. I am also thankful for being awarded 2013-2014 CCI scholarship, having a caring, loving and supportive family and relatives; being associated with visionary and positive friends, classmates, mentors, advisors, former teachers/lecturers, neighbors and instructors. Last but not least, I am also grateful to have encountered inspiring and phenomenal people who shaped my life indirectly or directly for better.” -Daniel, South Africa


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